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Im currently uploading images through an API created by with Django REST framework with angularJS. However, the problem is that it is stored as a media file but not stored in a database. Here is my ViewSet code Upload Multiple Files with Django 1.8. by Django For Noobs. 2015-06-17. A full example of React and Django together, POST, GET etc Part 1.Building Web Applications with Django and AngularJS. Django REST Framework AngularJS resource Trailing Slash Problem .And dont forget to include the angular-cookies.js file in your html-file ! completed the viewsets and serializers for my REST api (using Django Rest Framework). set up api service within AngularJS to consume that api data on the front end.getting data uploaded into the postgresql database from the csv files from race directors. it works with only django rest framework but i get Bad request error if I post the transporter model with angularjs. I need to upload the image and set the image field with the image URL. thank you. Ill share my experience with file upload using angular and drf. Django Rest (DRF) Task App With Image File Upload.Django REST framework: the good the bad (Jordi Gutirrez Hermoso Rory Geoghegan). By PyCon Canada. The Django Rest Framework is powerful framework for developing ReST endpoints for your Django based project.

AngularJS is modern javascript framework for creating complex web applications within the browser. I want to create file upload function in the class but the service request error message is POST httpsource code: 1.Django Service class EventFileAPI(APIView): def post(self, request, formatNone)2.Front-EndAngularJS HTML

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