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Element have properties box-sizing: border-box. If using jquery appoint 100px height, the result would be the height of the element is equal to 120.height() function only sets height of element, if you want to set total height including padding, border and margin as 100 then use outerHeight(). jQuery width() and height() Methods. The width() method sets or returns the width of an element (excludes padding, border and margin). the top, bottom, left, and right margins. padding.Screen shots of examples. The base code. div border: 2px red solid ul border: 1px blue solid li border: 1px lightgreen solid offsetHeight - Returns the height of an element, including borders and padding if any, but not margins.How can I get the full height (border, padding, margin) of an element (div) in javascript? If there isnt any other way Im ok with jQuery. Simple answer: use (elem).css(margin-top), (elem).css(padding-left), etc dont use (elem).css( margin) or (elem).css(padding), they return empty strings. Example | With jQuery : get padding borders of an element, writehat the total width and height of an element is the sum of its width, border, margin and padding. jQuery Get Height: It is very easy to get height of an element, get div height, li height, etc. with help of jQuery. Simply use 1 line code to get height.

You have applied a border, margin and padding to this div. Returns the height of the element, including top and bottom padding, border, and optionally margin, in pixels. If called on an empty set of elements, returns undefined (null before jQuery 3.0). Test your JavaScript, CSS, HTML or CoffeeScript online with JSFiddle code editor. How can I get the full height (border, padding, margin) of an element (div) in javascript? If there isnt any other way Im ok with jQu.

Is there a way to calculate these with less code without bugs ? Here is jsFiddle example. jQuery JSizes is a small plugin for the jQuery JavaScript library which adds support for querying and setting the CSS min-width, min- height, max-width, max-height, border--width, margin, and padding properties. The distance or space between the div elements is margin while space between the text inside the third div and its border line is padding. In this tutorial, I will show you the examples of using the padding and margin properties with different HTML elements. To be honest, I dont think Ive ever used a percentage value on a top padding/margin, or a bottomNotice it uses jQuery to calculate and display the total height of the element including padding.Also, if I was using box-sizing: border-box, that would affect the total height value thats displayed. The default cell style has some margin or padding that makes all row higher than I need. I set Height property in RowTemplate to a smaller value (i.e. 15 px) but now the cell cut lower signs like underscore () an.Total width of the element (including padding and border) in jQuery. Now, as J-P correctly states, jQuery has the functions outerWidth and outerHeight which include the border and padding by default, and also the margin if the first argument of the function is true.(elemenet).outerHeight() will return height including height with borders and paddings. jQuery has provided two different functions to calculate the height of an element.This function will calculate inner height of the element after its been rendered. It will exclude padding, borders and margin of the element and will set/get the inner height only. --- Angular Backbone Bootstrap 3 Bootstrap 4 D3 Ember Foundation GreenSock TweenMax Handlebars jQuery jQuery UI Lodash Modernizrbody background:aaa .frame display:inline-block width:180px height:260px background:fff border:25px 000 solid padding:0 margin:0 Answer.