javascript call web service synchronously





Or if you are calling web service method in loop (like you want to do something in grid cell), then you will have to use synchronous way.You will have to take care that you must uncomment the below line in your webservice as you are calling from JavaScript. Unfortunately, the code after calling the web call function is executing before I have the value that needs, which causes huge errors.viewer.js / pdf.js: Memory usage increases every time a pdf is rendered Javascript: close all accordions when one is clicked? sequelize destroy record with join I call ProcessSend function in a javascript function. It connects to webservice, and returns the "response" variable.How to apply an vs2010 web. Config transformation to an element with a namespace attribute? I can get this to work asynchronously, but I want to do this synchronously (I need the results of the web service before I can continue to process).Just include this in a .js file or directly on your page (between