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iTunes backs up all data of your iPhone, iPad and iPod to a specific directory on your PC or Mac, which then you can use in the future to restore your iPhone from. But where are iTunes backups stored somehow? I want to find them out to delete the backups that I dont need anymore to free up Here are 2 best and easiest ways to delete all iTunes backups (including iPhone backup, iPad backup and iPod backup). Generally, you need to completely remove iTunes backup files from Windows or Mac in the following situations Backuptrans iTunes Backup Extractor is a good iPhone Backup Recovery program can help you extract and recover lost or deleted iPhone data from iTunes Backup files.Read more: I used to browse the App Store on my Mac through iTunes, then Id download apps that I thought looked interesting, syncing my iPhone or iPod touch (and later the iPad) when theSelect the backup you want to delete, and click the Delete Backup button. How do you know if a backup is unnecessary? An iTunes backup. iPhone Backup Extractor Lite. How to restore deleted data from iTunes backups.With iPhone Backup Extractor you can restore files from your iPhone or iPad using local iTunes backups on both Windows and Mac. how to delete old icloud backups from iphone and mac indabaa want to delete ipad and iphone backup from icloud in ios 11 and macos high sierra ifOn Mac Luxury Full solutions to Delete iPhone Backup Files From iTunes Icloud) earlier mentioned is usually classed having: how do i delete For Mac Use iTunes. If you are a Mac user, you can also easily delete unwanted iPhone backups on your computer effortlessly. Most of the time, iTunes create a backup of your device when you sync your phone with your computer. How to delete your old backups in iTunes. My backups took over 130GB of premium SSD space.

Many of the backups were from phones I did not have anymore. Suppose you frequently back up your iPhone and iPad with iTunes on Mac for a long time, the backup files can take up more than 10GBPart 1. How to Delete iPhone/iPad/iPod Backup on Mac with MacClean. MacClean is a user friendly cleaning and optimizing software made for all Mac users. Delete iTunes backup folder on computer (Windows and Mac). "I uninstall iTunes from my Mac because iTunes error, but the backup seems still remain. Where are iPhone backups stored on my Mac? Whether you choose to backup via iTunes or iCloud, you might want to delete this backup at some point.Whatever the reason is, weve got you covered. In this post, we will learn how to delete an iPhone backup from a Mac and well also see how to delete a backup file from iCloud. Select backup to delete delete ios backups mac choose itunes find ios backups in windows 7 8 or 10 itunes delete iphone backup.How To Delete Old Itunes Backup Files On Pc Mac Computer Clean Up. Find And Re Old Backup In Iphone Ipad Icloud Mac Itunes. 2. Cannot backup your iPhone and the iTunes remind you to deleted the old backups at firstActually, deleting a iPhone backup from location on Windows or Mac computer is a quite easy, especially when you have found the backups location. As long as you have backed up your iPod/iPad/iPhone with iTunes on Mac, Backuptrans iTunes Backup Extractor for Mac must be a good choice to help you recover all lost data from your iTunes Backup. It is an excellent iTunes Data Recovery program that can recover deleted data such as How to Delete iPhone Backups on Mac using iTunes. In order to view the size of your back, right click or command click on the preferred backup and select show in finder. A new window will open showing the folder with the backup. After locating the backup files, you can copy them to a new location or delete backup files and extract everything from iTunes backup if needed.Each time when you back up your iPhone or iPad to computer via iTunes, the backup files will bePart 2.

Where Is iTunes Backup Location on Mac OS. How to Delete an iPhone / iPad Backup from iTunes. This will allow users to remove a local backup made to a Mac OS X or Windows computer within iTunes, you can pick which backup you want to delete easily this way How to Delete iCloud Backup on Mac. Step 1: Go to System Preferences. Step 2: Select the iCloud icon.Not like iCloud and iTunes backup, dr.fone allows you to preview and selectively backup your iPhone files in some clicks. And you can view the exported iPhone backup data directly. 4. How to Delete iPhone Backup on Mac.Deleting old backups can also be one of the ways to fix an error code that may arise when backing up your device. The following is a simple way to delete an iTunes or iCloud iPhone Backup. Locate backups of your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Find a list of your iOS backups on your Mac, PC, and iOS device. Learn how to delete backups, copy them, and more.iTunes saves backups to a Backup folder in your Users folder. The location of the Backup folder varies by operating system. There are many ways in which one can find and delete iPhone backups on Mac devices.This is where you will be directed, it is the backup directory: How to delete iPhone backup on Mac within iTunes? When you sync your iPhone, iPad or iPod with iTunes, it creates iTunes backup files on your computer so that you can extract or restore the iTunes backup when youSo if you want to free up some storage space, you can easily delete the old iTunes backup files on your Mac or Windows PC. By default, iTunes will make a backup of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch when you sync your device on your Mac or PC.Heres how you can view and delete iPhone backups in iTunes, potentially freeing up lots of storage space. You can create a backup in iTunes, have it created automatically for you, encrypt your backup to include passwords or use iCloud to store the backup independently of your local Mac or PC.This is a short tutorial that explains how to delete old iPhone backups. Delete iTunes Backup Using Primo iPhone Data Recovery Step 2. Part 2: How to Delete iPhone Backup in iCloud.Select Turn Off Delete. Delete iCloud Backup Using Your Mac. Step 1. In the menu bar, choose the Apple shaped icon > System Preferences. Add or delete Playlist for iPod/iPhone/iPad. Create iPhone ringtones convert audio/video files Access transfer system files of your iOS devices.How to Find iTunes Backup Stored on Your Windows Computer or Mac. How to Transfer iPod Music to iTunes Library Easily. Disabling The Back Up In Itunes Itunes Help.How To Find Itunes Backup Files Location On Windows. Related Articles: Delete Iphone Backup Mac Itunes. Delete iPad or iPhone Backups From Computer.I had 3 failed iPhone restores, because of insufficient hard disk space and of course, with each failed attempt, iTunes used up more and more hard disk space until I had zero space left! When you go for backup to your Mac using iTunes, you still have this in your mind that after the Videos are be backed, you still have to sit deleting the backed videos from your iPhone. But, you actually do not need to delete your videos manually now. Note:iTunes doesnt allow you to view iPhone Backup Files on Mac and Windows because of the data format.Step 4. Use iTunes to backup your iPhone. Then, go to the new backup folder to see whether the backup file is there or not. Part 4. Why Want to Delete iPhone Backup from the Location. Heres how to remove iTunes backup manually by going into the folder on your PC or Mac that contains these backup files.Choose the ones that arent required and delete. iTunes backups use up a lot of space depending on what content your iPhone/iDevice has got. Home > Tutorials >Restore iPhone from iTunes Backup (Mac and Win).How to Recover Deleted Messages from iPhone. How to Restore iPhone Contacts without Backup. How Do You Extract iPhone from iCloud Backup. Then you may want to delete these iTunes and iCloud backup. Below we will show you the way of how to delete iPhone backup. How to Delete iTunes Backup. Step 1 Open iTunes on your Mac and go to the menu bar. Next, lets check how to recover lost iPhone contacts from backup on Mac with Mac iPhone Data Recovery in steps.Choose the deleted iPhone photos and click Recover button to get them back to your computer restore iphone from itunes. Lets look through this guide, how to delete a backup from iTunes and iCloud on a Mac or Windows PC, or directly from the iPhone via iCloud. We specify that although the guidance is published using an iPhone , in the case of the iPad the process remains the same. Option1: Using iPone instructions to remove iPhone backup file password in iTune on Mac. Step1: Open iTunes.Step5: Click Delete Backup file password. Then your can remove the password. By default, iTunes will make a backup of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch when you sync your device on your Mac or PC. You can also initiate backups manually in iTunes when upgrading orHeres how you can view and delete iPhone backups in iTunes, potentially freeing up lots of storage space. Will deleting itunes delete any iphone backups saved on it? erase any prior content on your iPhone if and when you sync it with iTunes (either when prompted.Then you have to remove iPhone backup default password in iTunes. How to make a backup of your. iPhone or iPad using iTunes on your Mac. Delete the folder "Backup" within or rename it "BackupOld" to keep it. Press ShiftRight Click toMac OS X. The original location of the Backups is in a folder called MobileSync.Related articles. Where are iPhone/iPad iTunes backup files located? How to Store, Backup and Restore Apps and App Data.

Open iTunes on Mac, Go to the iTunes > Preferences > Devices > See all backups saved on Mac by iTunes. We can delete unwanted older backup by right click on it.Now you have the latest backup of old iPhone, iPad on iCloud or iTunes. So you can take restore process with two options. Why Wont My iPhone Backup To iTunes On Mac? There are many possible reasons for your iPhone not backing up to iTunes, so theres no one solution for fixing iTunes backups.How Do I Delete Old Backups From iTunes On My Mac? Way 3: Remove iPhone Backup Default Password by Deleting iPhone Backup. Way 1: Uncheck "Encrypt iPhone backup" in iTunes.How to Recover iPhone 6 Lost Backup Password. Two Options for iTunes Backup Password Recovery on Mac and Windows. How to Delete iPhone Backup on Mac (iTunes iCloud).Select your iCloud backup items, and then tap "Delete" button. There will be the confirmation popping up, choose "Delete" to confirm iPhone backup deletion on Mac computer. Locate the iTunes Backup Files. iTunes Backup Folder on Mac.Select Delete Backup, and then confirm to finalize deletion. iTunes Backup Files on Windows.IPhone Backup Extractor - Retrieve information from iTunes. iPhone Data RecoveryThree simple modes to recover files from iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. Android Data RecoveryRecover deleted data from Android phone tablet and SD card easily. iOS TransferEasily transfer files between your iOS device andPart 1: iTunes Backup Location for macOS/Mac OS X. Solution 3. Delete Backups of iPhone. Solution 4. View iTunes Backup and Restore Deleted items.Step 7. Now, backup an iPhone backup with iTunes and check whether the backup file will be saved in the new folder directory. For Mac OS X If you would like to delete your iPhone backup file to save space or for security measures, you can do so with the instructions below. This article will teach you how to delete iTunes backup files from your Mac or Windows PC, depending on what operating system you are using. Open Cisdem iPhone Recovery. Select Recover from iTunes Backup File and this app will list all iTunes backup files existing on your Mac.How to Delete Old iPhone Backups to Reclaim Precious Backup Space. What to Do If iPhone Wont Connect to iTunes For Invalid Response? Browse other questions tagged iphone itunes applications backup or ask your own question. asked.How to delete all iOS Mobile Applications in iTunes except ones being used? 4. Time machine not deleting Mobile Backups after backing up on external harddrive. To delete an iPhone backup, you can open iTunes on your Mac or PC, then go to Edit >> Preferences (if using Windows) >> Deviceshighlight the backup listed, click delete to remove the iOS backup files for iPhone, iPad or iPod.

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