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So basically, the function Second is too long therefore, I want to move it to a Sub. js file and call it from the Main.js.i have a big problem with that javascript doesnt work with my javascript code. What do i need to change: < script type"text/javascript" src"script/jquery.js"> <. something like this: <.Load external Javascript on function call. Group identical values in array. Javascript variable scope and value. What is the JavaScript convention for no operation? javascript call function. load function in js.Select Category Anti-Virus Documentation Events Featured Firefox Firefox Addons Fun Geek Stuff GNU/Linux Headline HTML Javascript jQuery NodeJS Programming Security Stories For The Soul Tips n Tricks Uncategorized. In the Javascript function Test, you can directly write ("btnName").css("color","red"). Instead of putting this in document.

ready function.And its a best practice to always put your jQuery code in (document).ready() function. Now there is another script file "main.js" in which I want to call getUrlParameter(a,b) function.Not the answer youre looking for? Browse other questions tagged javascript jquery function scripting or ask your own question. The problem is, that menuHoverStart is not accessible outside of its scope (which is defined by the .ready() callback function in file 1). You need to make this function available in the global scope (or through any object that is available in the global scope): Function menuHoverStart(element, topshift call Jquery function from javascript using API. 0. Trigger a jQuery function from another file in JS. 1. execute jQuery on calling some function. I would like to call jquery function from JS (and additionally pass JS variables to jQuery).html javascript variables functions jquery website.This function plays another video by changing video src and I also need this function to run jQuery to run php file command. I have run into a snag. In brief, I am trying to call a function from a . JS file that contains no jQuery and assign it to an HTML tag in a Dreamweaver template via jQuery that is located in a different .JS file.MY DREAMWEAVER TEMPLATE (HEAD TAG) )

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