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45 Long Colt - The premier I have a 45/410 rifle that I am thinking about using for deer hunting.45 ACP auto pistol cartridge but of the so-called (and mis-named) "Long Colt Deer Cartridges from Bad to Good By Chuck Hawks. Rifles for hunting deer generally have a few traits in common that set them apart from other firearms. A few of these traits are heavy bullet weights, high muzzle velocities, effective range and a large RHP (Relative Hitting Power or Stopping Power). Anyone here hunt deer with a 45ACP semi auto? I can work up a load. I need to know what type bullet is best, from your experiences.PCR??? Cant use centerfire rifles for deer. Looks like just about everything else is legal except shoulder pieces on handguns. 45 colt in lever action rifles - leverguns, A major feature article that will be somewhat controversial . 45 (long) colt in leveraction rifles (paco) those that voraciously disagree with the word long in Ruger blackhawk bisley 45 acp | 45 colt - lipseys, Lipseys exclusive rukrbn-45x bisley 45lc/45 acp 3.75" ss 45acp Carbine for Deer. Discussion in Deer Hunting started by austinjoe13, Jun 5, 2014.The local regs say any rifle or pistol cartridge .223" and larger may be used. Has anyone here used 45acp carbines for deer before? With your weapon hunting with a 45 ACP 50 yards would be the max I would ever take a shot at a Deer.My primary deer rifle is a 444 Marlin "pistol round" in a single-shot HR. The shotgun hasnt seen light in a few years for deer. Users Interested In rifle deer hunting. Embrace life, tomorrow is not promised.

Im 44 and the mother of an 18 yr old son. So whats so great about the .45 ACP? Revolver Rundown.In part one we discussed caliber,now let us discuss Rifles for Deer Hunting, Do you need a youth sized stock? Do you want a bolt gun, a single shot, a semi auto, or a lever gun. I bought a SampW 625 and decided to take it deer hunting here in Pennsylvania using the ammunition that I had been carrying in the Detonics, Federals . 45 ACP 230 gr Hydra-Shok. Bottom line, the 45 ACP is a poor choice for deer hunting. Take care, Tom.Back in the late 60s I carried a Colt Gold Cup 45 Auto with me while hunting deer. I was hunting with a rifle, but carried the handgun in case I got a close up shot Check out the best hunting rifles for your next deer hunt.And sometimes hunting regs wont allow a centerfire rifle of any type. So for whatever type of deer hunting you do, youll find a perfect gun on this list.

Hi-Point 45ACP Carbine, 17.5 bbl, 10 shot, peep sight, sling, scope base, Legal for Ohio Deer hunting.Scope kits and vertical grips are available for this rifle. List price: 297 WBG Price Tag: 265. Hi-Point Carbine 17.5 bbl in Target Rifle .45ACP Black 9 Shot. Top Rifle Calibers For Deer Hunting Images for Pinterest blog.cheaperthandirt.com.45 ACP VS. 45 COLT thegunrights.com. 5 Pictures That Will Help You Explain The Difference cdn0.wideopenspaces.com. Hi-Point has finally produced a carbine chambered in .45 ACP. From the press release As with the 9mm and .40 CaliberLegal to hunt deer with in WA State (no energy requirement, just .24/6mm or larger caliber). Sometimes when I go to a rifle range, there is a youngish guy with a Hi-Point carbine. Any thoughts on using a .45 Colt (in a rifle) for deer? Im speaking here not of the . 45 ACP auto pistol cartridge but of the so-called (and mis-named) "Long Colt"Hunt with that 45 Colt its a fine deer round as long as you dont try and make it into a .270.

The most popular deer rifles among hunters. If youre a beginner, you may live under the impression that a hunter has only one rifle for deer hunting. Well, if youre not the kind of guy who travels a lot and you do your hunting in the same area most of the time, then this may be true Five Great Semi-Automatic Rifles for Hunting Deer. One Hunters Recommendations. Share.Tactical versions in 5.56x45mm NATO were also listed in 2013. More ». For the average hunter these are high performance hunting rifle calibers that give magnum velocities without the massive recoil.45-70 Caliber for Moose Hunting I bought a 45-70 caliber recently, to get back into deer hunting.want for a bolt .45acpno doubt it would cost as much or more than a typical bolt rifleIn .45acp, Id use it for deer as well, Ive used a .45acp pistol and aand small game hunting, and the fact that its even cheaper to shoot than the . 45acp Mar 29, 2013 Any thoughts on using a .45 Colt (in a rifle) for deer? Im speaking here not of the . 45 ACP auto pistol cartridge but of the so-called (and mis-named) "Long ColtOct 24, 2003 There is a thread on sixgunner regarding the use of a 30-30 vs. a 45 Colt levergun for deer hunting. I asked about hunting deer with a .45 ACP on another forum a few years ago and they thought I was nuts."African Rifles and Cartridges" may be my all time favorite book but I dont choose a deer load based on how well it may perform on cape buffalo. As a bigbore hunter myself I will start by telling you that 80 of the people you ask this will tell you that a 45-70 is not a deer gun at all, and you should buy a 270 or 243, 30.06 and so on 15 will say that it depends on what kind of deer your hunting. 45 ACP auto pistol cartridge but of the so-called (and mis-named) "Long Colt And, we figured we should both be able to take a deer with each rifle.If you want a relatively fast handling rifle for deer, Im sure itll do excellent at that. 45 Long Colt, . 45lc for deer hunting.Ammo .45 70 Govt 70 Caliber .45 45 70 Caliber for Hunting 45 70 Guide Gun Bear 70 Cal Good Hog Rifle 4570 Caliber Rifle 4570 Rifle Hunting Single Shot Rifle 45ACP 45 70 for Deer 45 70 Caliber for Deer Hunting Deer Hunting.ARMSLIST - For Sale: Marlin 1895 DEER RIFLE 45-70 JM Stamped. among other facts, where the safe is flat and where steep. topographic maps are usually very important tools for deer seekers, who can use them for a good hunting spotCookie Policy. who makes the best 45 acp ammo. Wilson Combat Protector .45 ACP and Sitek Arms custom 1911 .45 ACP.in on the target-shooting fun with our hunting rifles and increase our game-taking distance.I have taken deer cleanly with good bullet performance at distances that put the energy level at 700 ft-lbs. That would be like hunting deer with a downloaded 1911 .45 ACP. Id save that rifle for stuff like turkey, groundhog, fox, coyote, etc. If your numbers are right, you could do it, but I wouldnt. I want to build a rifle that I can eventually use for hunting.Every deer i ever shot (with any caliber really) with my 556 was DRT. (5.7x28. 300 blackout (worst imo), 45 acp, 30-30, 30-06 way overkill but i was a kid. . Dillon XL650 Loading 45 ACP (HD) - Продолжительность: 9:50 gavintoobe 253 302 просмотра.Reloading for my .308 Win deer hunting rifle with Lee Classic Loader - Продолжительность: 8:24 RoeStalker 3 262 986 просмотров. Ruger Bolt Action Rifles.Speaking of .45acp "hunting" ammo. If I had to hunt with an 1911, itd prolly be with this load. At least for deer, bear, and hogs. I have all 3 around my place here in the mtns and figure Id carry this load while squirrel hunting. Legal deer hunting rifles are chambered for the following calibers: .357 Magnum, .357 Maximum, .38 Special, .375 Super Magnum, .375 WinchesterA lot of these are rimmed calibers, and aside from 45 acp which I would consider marginal Ive never heard of an AR upper in any of the other calibers. Id say use your rifle and rely on your 1911 for a coup dgrace if you need it when the deer is down.The state of Iowa authorizes the use of the .45 ACP for deer hunting. If kept within a reasonable range I dont see any issue with it. : Does anyone have a list of rifles with good reviews or personal experience with rifles that can be used for hunting deer?are illegal for deer hunting are .38 Special, .38 Smith and Wesson, .38 Colt New Police, .38/200, .38 Long Colt, .38 Super, .38 ACP, .38 Colt Auto, .45 ACP, .45 Automatic and Rifle ammunition: hunting. The following chart depicts caliber/bullet recommendations for various game animalsDeer, Black Bear, Mountain Lion. Moose, Elk, Caribou. Grizzly Bear, Kodiak Bear. Rhino, Elephant, Cape Buffalo. 22 Hornet. 45. Soft Point. 9. CVA Accura V2 209 Magnum Muzzleloader Some states dont allow deer hunting with a center-fire rifle, so for those chasing whitetails in places like Illinois, a deer rifle has a ramrod.In its modern loadings, the .45-70 doesnt lack for horsepower and the lever-action allows for quick follow-up shots. Deer hunting with a Llama .45 ACP. John Gist 2 deer 1911 kill. GLOCK HUNTING - Deer, Swamp Rats, and more!Glock 21, Reloading Testing 45 acp for Hunting! White Tail Deer (How Not To Hunt !) 1st Deer with a pistol 2007.mov. Best Deer Hunting Rifles: Dont Buy Before Reading This Reviews. By David Ferraro Last updated Dec 8, 2017.To save you time and effort in identifying what rifle could be best for hunting deer, we will help you get to know the factors to consider for choosing that particular deer hunting rifle. Weed Images - Would a hi point 995 carbine be a decent deer rifle - Video: Can You Use This Air Rifle to Hunt Turkey or Even DeerSee more. 45 acp rifle for deer hunting. Hi Point .45 ACP Carbine "Hunters Series" - TheFireArmGuy.We took a look at the best deer hunting rifles under 330 new. If your on a budget, want a new rifle, and love deer hunting, this video is for you. .40 SW, .38-40 Winchester .44 Special, and .45 ACP cartridges.This cartridge was introduced for rifles, but in its reintroduction for CowboyIt is not particularly well suited to hunting larger game, but it was popular when it was introduced, along with the previous .44-40 Winchester, for deer hunting.44 Special, .44 Magnum, .444 Marlin, .45 ACP, .45 Colt, .45 Long Colt, . 45 Winchester Magnum, .45 Smith Wesson, .454 Casull, .460 Smith WessonEither way, it is progress, and a step in the right direction. My understanding of the original prohibition against rifles for deer hunting is that it was Browning Guns (45).Deer Hunting Rifles Shotguns. The deer is the most sought after game animal in North America, and its popularity is ever increasing. Over the past 100 years, the .45 ACP has become one of the most iconic American pistol cartridges every devised.In part, this acclaim grew due to the cartridges usefulness in deer hunting. Im speaking here not of the .45 ACP auto pistol cartridge but of the so-called (and mis-named) "Long Colt| I was wanting to know if there are any laws in idaho against the use of a 45 long colt rifle for hunting deer? Many hunters use 7mm and .300 Magnum combination elk and deer rifles for all of their deer hunting.At moderate range the .444 Marlin, .450 Marlin, and .45-70 Govt. will also do nicely, particularly in modern lever action or falling block rifles. When it comes to centerfire-rifle calibers for deer hunting, there is no shortage of choices. Here are 5 calibers, 2 of which are my favorite and the other 3 are among the most popular for deer hunting. The .45 Automatic Colt Pistol (ACP), or .45 Auto, was designed by John Browning around 1905.It has served admirably in military, police and defense applications but has also proven an outstanding target cartridge, and with correct loads is suitable for hunting game up to the size of deer, at close What Is The Best Caliber Rifle For Deer Hunting Image GalleryBest deer hunting rifles of 2016 - game amp fishKimber 45 acp giveaway - hunting film tour Submit your articles on 45 Acp For Deer Hunting!Knowing Your Points for Trophy Deer Hunting. from: When hunting deer, there is always the idea of trophy deer hunting in the back of most hunters minds. .45 ACP Ballistics. Within a nanosecond of this idea, I did a reality check by reaching out to a few industry experts. Neal Emery at Hornady wasfor handgun hunting: Pistols and revolvers are lawful for deer and bear hunting only in those counties where hunting deer and bear with rifles is lawful.

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