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August 2012 is Connected Educator Month (CEM). In honor of the 21st century reality of ubiquitous social media and emerging Web technologies Social networking platforms and online communities help thousands of educators explore, exchange and share ideas that enhance education. Connected educators provide learning links so their students have multiple opportunities to learn in personal and meaningful ways. Connected Educator Month. Connect with others who are using Discovery Education just like you through the Discovery Educator Network (DEN). The USA Department of Education recognize that learning takes place both in and out of schools. Connected Educators is an initiative that aims to help educators connect Now on Connected Educator Radio, the two team-up to co-host an ongoing, year-round showcase of connected educators, their collaborations, projects and practices. Truly being a connected educator means developing relationships with other people who can help us become better as either educators or as people in general. October is Connected Educators month. If youre reading this post my guess is you are already a connected educator to some degree because you are, at the very least Originally developed by the U.S. Department of Education and its partners as part of the Connected Educators Initiative, CEM is now in its 3rd year. Connected Educators: Tools to Keep You in the Loop Dare to Share Conference 2015. What does it mean to be a connected educator? Connected Educators Month. All times are Eastern Daylight Time. View the "Using The CEM Calendar" Video. I do consider myself to be a connected educator. Connecting educators is one of the things I am very passionate about. Connected Educators | Helping Educators Thrive in a Connected World. Sponsor CEM 2016 By owning a part of CEM 2016, youll work with us to build the biggest and best CEM ever! Interview with educators about the importance of being "connected" in order to be an effective teachers and leaders. Video was created as part of Connected edconnectr. The Connected Educators initiative is dedicated to helping educators thrive in a connected world.

Join us for Connected Educator Month in October. An ideal platform for connecting with other educators, one which is often overlooked, is Google. The Long Island Connected Educators Summit is a FREE learning event that allows passionate educators to spread innovative ideas through formal informal conversation and collaboration. October is Connected Educator Month (CEM), and Edmodo is celebrating with a number of activities for our growing network of educators. Connecting the Voices of the Education Community.In this episode, our guests talk about the creativity and curiosity theme they will be leading during Connected Educator Month. Spreading Your Wings And Becoming A Connected Educator.Go beyond lurking and become a contributor. See this infographic for degrees of connectedness Connected Educator New Zealand is an initiative designed to support and promote networked approaches to educational professional learning.

Use Education Connection and get connected for free to three or four different schools. Let them pitch you on why you should enroll. Connected Education - also known as Connect Ed - was a pioneering online education organization founded and administered by Paul Levinson and Tina Vozick. Operating from 1985 to 1997, Connect Ed offered the M.A. degrees in Media Studies (through The New School in New York City) The Connected Educator Month (CEM) initiative networks educators and education stakeholders through connected professional learning experiences worldwide. Editors Note: Connected Educator Month (CEM) was launched by the Department of Education in August 2012, and this year, its being held in October. Connected educators also know how to extend their professional learning communities into the 21st century world of the Web. Some educators have internet-phobia. Even worse, some have computer-phobias. After all, clouds disappear, networks go down and files get lost. Given these multiple contexts, What Connected Educators Do Differently gently and tactfully confronts the resistance educators may have against incorporating social networking and digital technologies Vai al contenuto principale. Connect. Non sei collegato.The course aims in particular to strengthen the capacities of teachers, educators and social workers to recognize trafficking in its various forms My Connected Educators Mavens. tomwhitby web20classroom shellterrell kylepace blairteach angelamaiers rkiker shannonmmiller. How has your PLN grown? Which tools do you like? Did you discover anything about your journey as a connected educator that surprised you? Why Connected Educator Month?Lessons from Connected Educator MonthA Call to Action: Connect Every Educator Whether you are a teacher or school leader, you will come away from this book with step-by-step advice and fresh ideas to try immediately. Being a connected educator has never been easier or more McGraw-Hill Connect is a digital teaching and learning environment that saves students and instructors time whileTo excel at your craft, educators must be equipped with high-quality content and Connected educators, Zoul also noted, are leaders among their peers, citing five exemplary leadership practices from James Kouzes and Barry Posners "The Leadership Challenge." What is a Connected Educator? Let me start with a reflection about my children. My children use YouTube constantly to learn how to do things. Connected education provides unique opportunities for educators to take the lead in the redefining of the profession thats going on, to insure it meets our needs and the needs of our students. In this post, written in honor of Connected Educators month (October 2013), Nevin reflects on the role that facilitated online courses can play in helping connected educators acquire new technology tools Connecting the Voices of the Education Community.Subscribe to NZEdchat Radio RSS. Connected Educators Radio. October 10, 2014 October is the Connected Educator month and on this occasion I want to share with you some interesting resources on this topic. As you know, connectedness in this digitally focused Being a Relevant, Connected Educator is something, we believe, should be embraced by all educators everywhere.

The signature assignment for this course is to develop a connected educator website. Below are student twitter handles and links to their websites. YOU can inspire and impact educators, and their students, worldwide! MISSION: We are searching for stories about connected educators to share with the world. But, to be honest, educators connected way before that in other ways. Social media obviously provides something pretty powerful though. Connected Educators Month kicks off with a free virtual conference on transforming teaching and learning, followed by 31 days of activities and events organized around the following key topics With Connected Educator Month now upon us for the third year, I thought it would be fitting for folks to share their experiences in becoming what we call a " connected educator." Why should educators connect? Connection getting started guide. Hello Little World Skypers talk about what being connected means to them Now on Connected Educator Radio, the two team-up to co-host an ongoing, year-round showcase of connected educators, their collaborations, projects and practices. Being a Connected Educator Is Last Update: March 24, 2017 - Originally Published : May 27, 2015.In 2000, I began my career in education. At that point in time, it was just that, a career. All three of these have provided me opportunities to connect with other amazing educators to bring connected classrooms into our district.

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