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How Do I Post and then redirect to an external URL from ASP.Net?Please see Calling Web Services from Client Script in ASP.NET AJAX: This topic explains how to use to call a Web service from ECMAScript (JavaScript). There is two ways to call web services in your web site using java-script(j Query). I am writing an example for both:-- This is First Method :Need to include j Query Library file . script src"JavaScript.js" type"text/javascript">.8. Below is the code for Calling Custom Web Service which takes parameters name, values, url, function Name and return value from Custome Web Service create above. javascript web-services. 0. 128.Url Rewrite Generator. Sponsored Link.1Angular2 testing form: submit method not called. 1Why are these semicolumns in this for loop? . We have included api, now we need to write javaScript function to call web service, i am using a separate function because it will keep my code clean and clear and we can reuse it easily or call on a particular event.create url. : Calling WebServices using Javascript.