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Problem is, the html value from the radio button isnt actually used until you submit the form, so the case statement isnt finding any information to use to populate the menus.Dynamic Linking Of Menu/lists/radio Buttons? Linebreaks In VBScript Variables. HOME > VBScript Form Validation > VBScript HTML Check Radio Button.VBScript HTML Back/Next/Close/Print Rating : VBScript HTML Disable Enable Html Element Rating Im trying to read the value of a radio button in VBS and I am coming up with the following errorSCRIPT LANGUAGE"VBScript">.You should first clean up HTML section (improper formatted tags, etc.): see the following corrected one. When the above script is executed, the message box is displayed, and if you press No Button, then the value of a is 7. The Value of a is 7. VBScript InputBox Function. What I need to do is to create radio buttons and set variable BusinessUnit value depend on what user choose. In HTML I use such codeAs of Internet Explorer 11, VBScript is considered deprecated and should no longer be used as a scripting language for IE11. Visual Basic. ASP, VB Script. VBScript Radio button? If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above.I just need to reed a value of a radio button. What I have is like: VB Code: < HTML>.

For that Im scripting 3 radio buttons of three different countries so that user can set the time zone by selecting one of the radio buttons.End Sub Sub LBTransferK x CLng(HistoryList.Options.selectedindex) tb1. valueYou cannot create a radio button with VBscript. Last Modified: 2012-05-11. retrive radiobutton selected value using vbscript. please help me with the below code. trying to print the selected radio button value. I am building a simple html page for data acquisition, and utilize vbscript to retrieve the data for further calculation (This html page is not posted on web and only used on another software program). When I am dealing with html radio button, I couldnt find a way to retrieve the "value" property of the Im trying to read the value of a radio button in VBS and I am coming up with the following errorYes, the application is mainly composed of vbscript (95) and a bit of javascript for the checkbox enabled by radio buttons. Well, then use the corrected HTML section with both scripts. What is VB Scripting? Adding VBScript Code to an HTML Page.Sometimes we want to execute a script when a page loads, or at a later event, such as when a user clicks a button. HTML Applications (HTAs) Creating Your Own HTAs - Try It Yourself: Add Radio Buttons to an HTA.SCRIPT LANGUAGE"VBScript">. Sub TestSub. For Each objButton in RadioOption.

If objButton.Checked Then. input id"radio1" name"radio" type"radio" value"radio1" onclick"enable(1)" />