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Youre running back if you die with a Resto Druid.Warrior: Arms - The raiding spec in early vanilla and the best Warrior PvP spec. One-shots people with Mortal Strike, basically. Resto Druid PVP Spec. The immortal tree Druid always seeks to be hanging around Lumber Mill staying alive through unbelievable damage while keeping his entire team alive. Opponents hate them and teams love them, so why not live forever! Vanilla Druid Healing Talent (deep resto) - Продолжительность: 0:50 Classic WoW 44 просмотра.1.12.1 Paladin PvP Specs! - Продолжительность: 2:11 Synergetic TV 24 340 просмотров. vanilla druid pvp spec.druid vanilla guide. Ive given the new healing as resto every effort possible. Ive read every strat I could find after struggling to keep dps alive without going oom, ive even enchanted my dungeon gear, im done. Restoration Druid PvP Build: DR Diminishing returns.The crafted gear set (for Resto Druids) only has two pieces with Spirit, but the Crit and Mastery on the other pieces can be reforged to Spirit. Might need revision on the resto spec, threw it together quickly but it has all the key talents.A Noobs Guide: Vanilla Druid Tanking - Nostal Добавлено: 7 мес.

powerfulnoun 7 мес. Vanilla balance world pvp. Stormx 2 - Druid PVP Vanilla 1.12.1. Yo yo, I made another video for fun. I hope maybe some druids out there finds it entertaining.patch 7.3 wow beginner class best easiest class in wow wow beginners guide wow picking a class feral balance resto. The Master of None.

Why should you play a Druid? Lets find out! TIME STAPS: Leveling - 00:38 PVE - 1:00 PVP - 2:36 Professions - 3:51 Quirks of the Class - 4:12.Related Videos. VANILLA FLAVORS Shaman Vanilla WoW 1 month ago. Playing a resto Druid can be somewhat out of the ordinary, especially if you are used to later expansions and rolling HoTs. It was something I had to adjust to, coming to Vanilla Druid healing from WotLK Druid healing.It can really help in PvP though. 2. 7/0/44 Full Resto. This is the classic or basic newbie healing spec. You HoT the tank with Rejuv andI dont do PvP and farming out of raids will be limited to plucking weeds.They are completely different play styles. The vanilla druid mostly uses direct heals and fits in hots every now and then. druid vanilla spec for leveling for upcoming elysium nostalrius fresh new pvp server this druid vanilla build is solid ofc it depends what you wana do cuz i focus on doing more dmg in cat form and avoid some bear tallent for tanking cuz druid bear tank generateNostalrius - [R14] HWL Resto Druid AB. resto druid pvp The following images is about resto druid the right place because had 0 Images related to resto druid pvp. Thank you for visiting Is it really that bad being a druid (especially resto) in late game pvp?.Druids are always very fun in pvp healers are very good FC at WSG , Feral is have good dmg , but balance spec sucks in vanilla. Resto Druid PvP Guide 7.1.5 (Talents, Macros, Addons, Comps).VANILLA FLAVORS Druid Vanilla WoW Class Guide. This is my very first PvP movies of an experimental spec im using for my druid. 27/0/34, to take advantage of the new spelldmg on healing gear.Resto/Feral Hybrid Druid PvP 2006 vanilla. Druid BiS gear list Resto PvE/raiding standard spec (also called deep resto) Optimal bear tank spec Hybrid - ready offtank /This is not really a complete guide but here are some tips and thoughts on gear, talents and tanking when playing druid in vanilla. Resto Druid Leveling Guide 1-60. 1. Talents. Restoration Talents are not very complicated to handle, since there are not many possible variations. Basically, there are two possible builds for a Restoration Druid Feral druid on vanilla (self.Nostalrius). submitted 1 year ago by fredericoendres.My favourite spec is balance. Its an unusual spec and not viable before you reach 400 arcane/spell damage. But Moonkin are great in pvp and 5 mans. This is my very first PvP movies of an experimental spec im using for my druid. 27/0/34, to take advantage of the new spelldmg on healing gear.Resto/Feral Hybrid Druid PvP 2006 vanilla. This 5.4 Resto Druid PvP Spec is meant for battlegrounds and maybe some world PvP with friends.Tier 5 Disorienting Roar If you are doing any kind of solo pvp Mighty Bash is a little better, but for random bgs this talent is more beneficial. It took me a lot of time to learn vanillas feral spec (wich is known to be quite useless in PvP PvE, i started to play on TBC btw) and get some decentElysium Resto druid pvp beta. by Difi difos on 2017-06-18 In Video. Might need revision on the resto spec, threw it together quickly but it has all the key talents.In cat form 20 agi 1 crit, not 57. This is a feral druid pve dps guide for vanilla wow, more specifically the Elysium PVP server that just launched. Wow Legion - Resto Druid AWESOME PvP Healing spec "One Touch Heal"Sir Buck Savage Gaming.Mini Series - Classic Vanilla WoW In Depth Class Discussion: Druiddareal MarkyMark. A Druid / PvP movie by Stormlingx. For entertainment purposes only!The Great Escape - Vanilla Res View more 1.12 resto druid guide vanilla resto druid stat priority feral druid pre raid bis vanilla vanilla wow druid talent tree vanilla druid pvp spec druid vanilla guide vanilla wow resto druid talents 1.12 druid macros. You will want to avoid picking up talents like Natural shapeshifter, master Shapeshifter The biggest reason resto druids were boss in BC was because 2s mattered. com/tbc- resto-druid-guideTBC Resto Druid Guide. com/youtube?qtbcrestodruidpvpspec vIn Vanilla, you can Generally take on 2 mobs at once pretty easily allowing for fast leveling! Pvp unholy death knight guide, wow wotlk 3.3.5a - gnarly, [pvp] arena and battleground unholy death knight in wow wotlk 3.3.5a. includes spec, talents, glyphs, enchants, gems, skill rotation, add-ons, team setups.Related Post with the Wow Resto Druid Pvp Talents. As a resto druid in dungeons or raids you spend most of your time spamming healing touch rank 4, you only use rejuv when youre forced to move.About balance PvP, I noticed you linked the feral charge spec but you forgot to mention the 30/0/21 spec with NS. I would just like to get a similair video on Resto PvP.DJ Dima: hey would it be possible to make a hybrid spec that could be viable in tanking, meele dps (cat form) and healing?VANILLA FLAVORS Druid Vanilla WoW Class Guide. From my initial research, I believe the stronger PvP classes appear to be resto druid, warrior, "sl sl" warlock and rogue.Hunters: Works fine no matter the spec, BM is most simple and high on burst. Might need revision on the resto spec, threw it together quickly but it has all the key talents. Guillermo Lzaro.A Noobs Guide: Vanilla Feral Druid PVE Dps - Elysium PVP. Azgaz - Nerf Druids (Vanilla WoW Druid PvP). Stormx 2 - druid PVP classic 1.12.1. Spec overview. Resto Druids primarily rely on healing over time spells, meaning instead of healing reactively (as in healing AFTER someone takes damage) they heal preemptivelyThe stat priority for Resto Druids in PvP is as follows Below is some additional stats and charts created with the excess data. Druid PvP Leaderboard Rankings. The order of these rankings is based on the presence of each spec in end-game PvP leaderboards (very high ratings.) Elysium Resto druid pvp beta. (Difi difos). Wsgstar - Vanilla Druid Pvp FC.WoW PvP Movies Legion and Vanilla Feral Druid. vanilla build spec for leveling and pvp nostalrius elysium. Vanilla WoW - VanillaGaming » Class Discussion » Druid » best pvp spec?« Reply 1 on: November 06, 2014, 07:27:13 pm ». Feral pvp is usually resto for natures swiftness, 1 point in natures grasp (balance), rest in feral. The druids greatest strength is also its greatest weakness. Shape-shifting allows for extreme versatility, allowing you to fulfill any role and react well to any situation, but it often makes what you are about to do next very obvious to the enemy. Expect this, and be ready to change your plans at a moments notice. You also need to understand that the best druid spec in vanilla is a restobear, a resto druid specced in Feral Charge wearing leather healing gear.The wrath of Elune is on your side. Use it wisely. VIDEO: Balance druid world PVP by Atlezza. Wow Legion - Resto Druid AWESOME PvP Healing spec "One Touch Heal".Mini Series - Classic Vanilla WoW In Depth Class Discussion: Druid. The state of resto druids in Vanilla WoW so only your best-geared druid would even cast it this is what a Resto spec looked like in early vanilla. permalinkResto. PvP? You can do any spec and do well.

Best Druid PvP Spec 4.3 By Danimaldan Between all the specs right now I would say the best Druid PvP spec is between feral or restoration. Personally I think resto is a better spec overall. As a resto druid you can play so many different comps that are viable but there are some differences between them.At first you should get the full arena set and the pvp offset pieces, after that you can complete your gear. , Elysium Resto druid pvp beta.Heres a short video on druid tanking, stat prioritizing and the spec I use. The spec I use in the video takes the cat crit talent over the bear crit talent but if you dont want to have talents Instructional World of Warcraft PVP Videos, Articles, and Answers from the best players in the world.Due to the high amount of burst and the fact that youre susceptible to being killed as a resto druid, Cenarion Ward is the optimal talent in this tier. A short guide on druid pvp from my own perspective.A Noobs Guide: Vanilla Druid Tanking - Nostalrius/Elysium. Azgaz - Nerf Druids (Vanilla WoW Druid PvP). Vanilla WoW Beginners Guide: Picking a Class. PVP Combat Rogue Talent Tree 5 52 14 build spec WoW WotLK 3 3 PVP Arms Warrior Talent Tree 57 14 0 2v2 duel spec Druid PvP Guides GotWarcraft com World rogueoutlaw png This guide aims to teach you how to getSource. TBC Resto Druid Guide Legacy WoW Addons and Guides for Vanilla. Resto. PvP? You can do any spec andThe state of resto druids in Vanilla WoW so only your best-geared druid would even this is what a Resto spec looked like in early vanilla Home Druid - General Druid leveling Vanilla Style!Well, except for being used as PvP bait.I mean, reallywho would love that? .Oh, and it rained resto-druid gear. I picked up 9 items, 8 for the resto spec. As a resto druid, you will seldom find yourself outside the FSR rule which means that mp5 (which always works) is a good way to regen mana.Either at all times, or on a separate, healing-gimped stamina set (like PVP items). Intelligence the waste stat. I have a resto druid I have been doing bgs and arenas with for a while now.Other than that I echo the advice from Marco (which I keep reading as Macro). CC and movement are king in PvP, especially as a druid For all those druids who want to stay resto pls check my build.As for the spec, I have seen the spec or something similar on arena junkies a couple times.

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