javascript detect ctrl key down





The MouseEvent.ctrlKey read-only property returns a Boolean that indicates if the control key was pressedscript type"text/javascript">.body onkeypress"showChar(event)">

Press any character key, with or without holding down the CTRL key.
You can also use the SHIFT key cancelBubble or cancel bubbling in firefox and ie. detect ctrl key press javascript.javascript nested onclick problem not calling inner elements onclick only outer. javascript special key press. up vote 100 down vote. event.shiftKey is a boolean. true if the Shift key is being pressed, false if not. altKey and ctrlKey work the same way.How to detect keyboard modifier (Ctrl or Shift) through JavaScript. 3. Detecting key press sequence in Javascript.

On a US keyboard, hitting the 4 key while holding down the Shift key typically produces a "dollarWebkit supported this between versions 525 and 533, and Im told IE supported it, but I never detected thatMost browsers treat the Caps Lock key the same as any other modifier key, sending keydown Question: How do I detect mouse events with Ctrl, Alt, and Shift keys? Answer: In modern browsers, your script can check whether a mouse event occurred while the