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("iFrame").contents().find("text"). Using JQuery you can access the iframe content: Note. js javascript variable text field form JavaScript beginner tutorial 30 - form validation text boxes and passwords. 2013-10-30. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked . Check if a text field is empty : TextField « Form Control « JavaScript typescript - Check if input control has certain type of vallidator in forms - Angular2: Find out if FormControl has required validator typescript - How to check for changes in form in Angular 2 using Angular hey this is Ralph and in this video I want to use some JavaScript in order to check a basic form for some empty text string so its going to be a really really simple one here so Ive got a web page started off pluralize that and lets see at the bottom of page its got a heading. Get the value of the textarea and check to see if there is a value. JavaScript Form Validation Tutor 1 Empty TextField Validation.Javascripts form validation on text password field. Check only field empty or not when submit form. Below is the JavaScript code to perform this basic check to see if a given HTML input is empty or not. Empty Field Validation In Javascript.