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I remember my colleague who approached CSS from a programming background.Rails 3.1 provides support for Sass by default, which has become popular among the Rails community.Rails treats your javascript code, stylesheets and images as assets and helps you boost the speed in a rails-sass-images - Sass functions and mixins to inline images and get images size.background-image: image-url(path). .circle background-image url(circle.svg).circle background-color: blue mask-image: url(circle.svg) Alternatively, if you use SASS in your Rails application already, you can write your own SASS function to inline the SVG. background-image:url(/images/dep.jpg) Any help? thanks. CSS background image not showing up on rails site.If you convert your scaffold.css file to a Sass file (rename to scaffold.css.scss) then you can use the helper Dealing with paths is always a bit annoying, you will concede.

Fortunately, it is extremely easy with Sass to have a beautiful API to manage assets and to keep the code simple to maintainfoo background-image: url("/assets/images/kittens.png") None LESS SCSS Sass Stylus PostCSS. Need an add-on?MyResponsiveImage background-color: 000 backround-repeat: no-repeat background-position: 50 50 background-size: cover background-image: url(u-image -url .icon background:image-url("sprites.png") no-repeat -36px -373pxAs sass-rails documentation states: Sprockets provides some directives that are placed inside of comments called require, requiretree, and requireself. The URL paths for CSS images should be configurable rather than being hard-coded. Can this be implemented in the next release? Thanks But what about all the static images you have in your web application? background images, buttons, iconsIf you use the new Asset Pipeline (Rails 3.1), this would work out-of-the-box. All image-path and image-url in your Sass files would automatically change to remote Cloudinary CDN URLs. background-image: url(/images/delete.png). instead of the thing that Im told everywhere it should be generating, the correct and obvious thingNote.

Were purposely using an older version of sass-rails because a newer version was causing Stack level too deep! errors when precompiling. background-image: image-url(< user.avatar >).SASS global variables not being passed to partials. Rails3:how to register scss template handler. Sass Not Precompiling on Rails 3.1 Asset Pipeline, Assets:precompile rake task. I just started to work with CSS and espacialy Sass.background-image:url("/resources/images/bg.png") but it precompiles wrong in the .css file because the directory can not be resolved anymore. URL as a Sass Variable. January 20, 2013 — Jake Bresnehan. Do you ever find yourself trying to remember the URL path of you images directory?body background: url(get-path-to-assets/classyfabric.png) repeat-x fixed 0 0 .background hidpi-image("big-image.jpg"). and fonts supportrequire rails-sass-images. RailsSassImages.install(sprocketsenv). and import mixins in your Sass files This is in a css.sass file.background-size: cover background-position: center height: 600px width: 300px Ive tried background, background-image, url, image-url nothing is working. .drawTrack background-image: url(/buttons/edit-20.png) !important in my Gemfile I have. group :assets do gem sprockets gem sass-rails gem coffee-rails gem compass-rails gem uglifier, > 1.0.3 end. For sass (scss) this code works with the following image path. app/assets/ images/pictureTitle.png. body background-image: image-url(pictureTitle.png) You might also need to restart your rails server. BUILDING EVER-CHANGING BACKGROUND IMAGE ANIMATION FOR ALL WEB PAGES IN SASS (SCSS) - Продолжительность: 16:51 Tark Hakan 2 просмотра. lol background: image-url(snake.gif). and when I visit localhost:3000/assets/public/omg.css I getRelated posts. Rails 3.1 SASS asset helpers not not including RAILS RELATIVEURLROOT / relativeurlroot. background-image: url(/assets/background.jpg) Change your .css file to .scss and try this.This is very much the same as using ERB to create HTML in your views. 2. SASS-Rails. Rack/Rails/Merb Plugin. To enable Sass in Rails versions before Rails 3, add the following line to environment.rb: config.gem " sass". html logo background-image: url(/logo.gif) The same mixins can be done in the . sass shorthand syntax here is my rails app assets structure. I am trying to set 44.jpg as background image for a div of mine content-region-testimonials. but can not get the image to display.(Sass docs wont help because image-url() is a RoR feature, try searching those docs. .background hidpi-image("big-image.jpg").require rails-sass-images. RailsSassImages.install(sprocketsenv). and import mixins in your Sass files Or, some in-page Javascript that would change the style attribute of all the elements that match your divs class/id/selector. You can utilize asset url and/or imageurl for this: . Then put the image you want to be your background into "app/assets/images /backgroundimage.jpeg" in whatever format you want. Edit: Two things to note here. 1) As per Robertos comments, I used the tag image-url instead of just url. Since sass-rails and/or compass-rails. Im inclined to say assets:precompile needs to be avoided and perhaps using.Actually, using background:image-url fixed this for me without having to alter config.assets.compile. See the AssetUrlHelper documentation, which is available on any Rails view!2. Countdown timer: updating controller view labels.

3. Rails Cucumber access to controller variables. background-image: url(image-url("rails.png")).I see you are using the sass helper method. In standard (non Sass) CSS you do something like this: .class background-image: url(< assetpath image.png >) . You can use asset path helpers in scss, instead of erb style background- image: url(< asseturl logo.png >) as it was underscored in erb, use hyphenated in sassNote that if you are using sass-rails than you should use import "filenamewithoutextension" instead of require. The problem with the second thing you said is that the sass properties image-url and asset-url can only be called from a .scss file and rails cant see the assets images with the regular "background: url". content: url(image1.jpg) url(image2.jpg) url(image3.jpg) url(image4.jpg). display:none. Im using the code above to preload background images.All the images are being loaded and are visiable. Is this a browser specific thing? Im using firefox 20 on mac or bad css/ sass syntax? background-image: image-url(< user.avatar >). Email codedump link for SASS: Background image url and rails controller variables. Email has been send. For sass (scss) this code works with the following image path. app/assets/ images/pictureTitle.png. body background-image: image-url(pictureTitle.png) You might also need to restart your rails server. Sass Variable in CSS calc() function. rails openshift image-path not working. Background Image with .SCSS in Rails?You can utilize asseturl and/or imageurl for this: ) Rails comes equipped with Sass by default. When you build a new app, an application.css stylesheet is created for you. copyright and stuff 2017. Organizing CSS Sass in Rails. Best images about Art book background ideas.Css and sass style css looks like the following header background red url i bg png. Asset Pipeline In Ruby On Rails. Sass Function To Replace Fill Color In Svg.2.2.2 CSS and Sass -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "Ruby on Rails: Talk" group.at Dec 16, 2012 at 7:10 pm. If you prefer use scss with assets pipeline its better use following sintax: background: image-url(bg.png) .div-with-image: asset-url(background.png, image) This particular helper is useful for any asset, not just for images. This may include image, font, video, audio, javascript or stylesheetsMore articles and tutorials like this. Sass Cheatsheet. background: white url(rails.png) repeat-y You dont include the image- url or asset-url into your scss (as far as I know), just plain url(your image.png).Because the sass-rails gem is commonly in the :assets group, the helpers are unavailable when generating css files at runtime. background: url(< assetpath glyphicons-halflings.png >) with bootstrap.css.erb as the filename.ruby on rails - cannot update paperclip image in active admin nested form. div.component background: url("/image.png") no-repeat center center Here is my gulp script, responsible for the compiling sass into cssTags. php ruby-on-rails c mysql database python android java oracle javascript angularjs sql-server. I have the following in /app/assets/stylesheets/layout.css.scss: ajaxing background:666 image-url(spinner-16x16.gif) no-repeat centerruby on rails http status code sass asset pipeline imageurl. ruby-on-rails (435). spring (567).I am trying to inject an image into my SASS code, using Typescript.[style.background]"url( user.avatar )". But I cannot get the image to display correctly. Go to your Gemfile and add gem bootstrap-sass.body background: url(YourImage.xxx) background-size: cover background-position: center background-attachment: fixed html background: url(img/bg.jpg) no-repeat center center fixed -webkit- background-size: cover -moz-background-size: cover -o-background-size: cover background-size: cover 2. Replies. Follow. full background image wont work in sass. rails new appname --skip-sprockets. Rails automatically adds the sass- rails, coffee-rails and uglifier gems to your Gemfile, which are used by Sprockets for asset compression.class background-image: url(< assetpath image.png >) . asset-url not working in Rails 4 Issue 169 rails/sass-rails GitHub.Location: Virginia, Ashburn, United States. Ruby on Rails CSS background-image: url() | Treehouse Community. Ive been working on building a re-usable Sass framework for quite some time now as an alternative to the Bootstrap templates.height: checkbox-width background-image: url(/img/app-icons.png) background-repeat: no-repeat rails generate uploader Logo. We dont need to make huge changes to our models. The only thing for our user model is that it can own many styleslogo-placeholder if logourl ! background-image: url(logourl) import "application" When using sass-rails you get a helper called image-url which you can use instead of urlin your .scss files. Something like: body background-image: image-url(background.png)

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