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After assembling that, head over to OnePluss weather app and search for "Ahch-To" (a planet featured in the Star Wars movies). A message will start playing, and there will be markings on your screen to line the prism up on your device. BRIGHT OUTLOOK: Sexy weather girl Sians punny forecasts have made an internet hit. The Channel 5 beauty, 29, has been packing her reports with movie themed puns."When Star Wars came out I did one for that and then another for Batman v Superman. To commemorate the U.K. premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Channel 5s weatherwoman, Sian Welby, presented a forecast on Wednesday that was impressively laced with references to the franchise. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Photo: Lucasfilm). WATCH: Weather Forecast Riddled With Star Wars Puns.Darth Vader helmets are all the way off for Sian Welby, weather presenter from the British Channel 5, who managed to pepper yesterdays (ahem) forcecast with as many Star Wars Channel 5 Weather Woman Fits 12 Star Wars Puns Into 40-Second Update | The LAD Bible.How many Star Wars puns can you count The latest South Florida weather forecast from WPTV News Channel 5s meteorologists. Sian Welby, a weather presenter for the UKs Channel 5, is cashing in on the tidal wave of excitement for Star Wars: The Force Awakens by incorporating it into her job using the universal nerd language: puns. On Tuesdays broadcast, she managed to squeeze 12 puns into a 40-second weather report How many "Star Wars" puns can fit into a single 40-second weather report? In Yoda speak: "A lot, the answer is." British meteorologist Sian Welby delivered her daily forcecast forecast on Wednesday (Dec. Star Wars fever has struck our planet and you cant escape it. Not even when tuning into the nightly weather report in Britain. Channel 5 weather girl Sian. Star Wars fever has been spreading across the nation since last nights London premiere, and its now even infiltrated the weather reports. Channel 5 presenter Sian Welby has delivered the geekiest forecast youre ever likely to see, working a staggering 12 Star Wars puns into a 39-second roundup. WEATHER REPORT.And a weather reporter in the U.K. used her forecast to incorporate a remarkable (perhaps Emmy-worthy) series of clever Star Wars puns.

This Channel 5 weather presentation starts off normal and shifts around the seven-second mark, when reporter Sian Welby But Channel 5s Sian Welby has taken this Star Wars fever to a whole other galaxy with her pun-filled weather report. Take a look. Enjoy the warm Israeli weather! EL AL hot winter faresEL AL Israel Airlines. Vibrant Health Network.TV Stars Stomach Problem Has Surprising CauseActivatedYou. KiwiReport. Trophy Wives Of Older BillionairesKiwiReport. Star Wars fever has spread so far that even weather reporters are getting in on the action. During her report on Wednesday, Channel 5s Sian Welby updated the nation on the weather while slipping in a whole series of Star Wars puns. Were almost certain weve missed a few Watch Sian Welby force Star Wars jokes into 39 second Channel 5 weather report Channel 5.

A video of a Channel 5 weather presenter has gone viral, after she included a number of Star Wars puns in a 39-second report. This is a video of UK Channel 5 weather forecaster Sian Welby presenting a short 40-second weather report in which she manages to packs twelve different Star Wars puns. On average, thats a Star Wars pun ever 3.33 (repeating of course) seconds. The Force is very strong with this British meteorologist. Weather woman Sian Welby of Channel 5 delivered a forecast packed with Star Wars puns, just in time for The Force Awakens release, and we dare you to count all of these references without cracking a grin. WTHR-TV Channel 13 is Indianapolis 1 news station and your source for Weather, radar, traffic, and sports including the Indianapolis Colts, Indiana Pacers, and Bob Kravitz sports columns.Report: Inequality remains 50 years after Kerner Report. Published: Feb 27th, 2018 - 11:15am (EST). 5 News weather presenter Sian Welby is getting in on the Star Wars: The Force Awakens hype. During a recent broadcast, she scattered her report with playful Star Wars puns. And considering that the weather is a very specific topic, she did a great job. CHANNEL 5. Sian Welby does a Star Wars-themed weather report.The forecast was in celebration of Back to the Future Day on October, 15 2015. Star Wars: The Force Awakens is out in UK cinemas now. In honor of Star Wars: The Force Awakens much anticipated (understatement) premiere, heres a video of a weather forecast in the U.K. featuring a Hutts worth of Star Wars puns. Channel 5s Sian Welby slips in a most impressive amount of Star Wars puns in a little less than 40 seconds Buy your own T-Shirt with a STAR WARS ALDERAAN 5 DAY WEATHER FORECAST design at Spreadshirt, your custom t-shirt printing platform!Tags: weather, planet, forecast, explosion, death, star, Leia. Copyright or Safe Search Problems? Report design. A video has emerged on the night of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens premiere night of a weather report from Channel 5 where presenter, Sian Welby, references Star Wars throughout. Sian Welby of Channel 5 in the U.K. used as many puns, references and quotes from the franchise she could in her forecast.Her deadpan delivery worked the jokes seamlessly in her weather report. Watch Below: Texas Police Officer Pulls Over Car Full of Star Wars Characters. Details of luke. Watch weather forecast. Star wars the.Watch: Weather reporter secretly references Star Wars A video has emerged on the night of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens premiere night of a weather report from Channel 5 where presenter, Sian Welby Sorry, but Yahoo locked down their Weather API, significantly limiting anonymous, public access. Like many developers, I cant make the old forecast work under their new restrictions. It was a good few years. The official Star Wars app has a similar weather forecast. This week Channel 5 weather reporter Sian Welby put together a weather report feature some of the best and most groan-worthy Star Wars puns she could possibly shoehorn in. Weather forecastings Daisy Ridley. Channel 5/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET. So many attempts at tossing brands and ideas onto the Star Wars pantechnicon has proved to be sadly forced. - Sian Welby On Wednesday, Channel 5 News reporter Sian Welby updated United Kingdom viewers on the weather while cleverly slipping 12 Star Wars puns. Sian did the same exact thing when celebrating the 30th anniversary Back to the. How many Star Wars puns can fit into a single 40-second weather report? In Yoda speak: A lot, the answer is. British meteorologist Sian Welby delivered her daily forcecast forecast on Wednesday 5 News weather reporter Sian Welby was feeling the force of Star Wars fever on Wednesday, when she managed to cram 12 different puns into her 40 second segment ahead of the release of The Force Awakens.

A weather presenter has delivered a forecast using Star Wars quotes. During Wednesdays report, Channel 5s Sian Welby updated the nation on the weather and later challenged Star Wars fans to count how many puns she included in her broadcast. Channel 5 knew, and there was certainly no escape as they packed no less than ten Star Wars inspired puns into a 40-second weather report. Sian Welby was tasked with reeling off the Jedi wordplay and she does so with an impeccably straight face. Star Wars VIP interviews. Wookieepedia in other languages. Site policies.On 5:23 22 BBY, HoloNet Newss channel was seized by Republic Executive Directive 9302-84121 for use by the military.The HoloNet News Weather Report used Planet Codes. As "The Force Awakens," a punny weather girls star has risen. British TV reporter Sian Welby went viral this week when she effortlessly crammed nearly a dozen " Star Wars"-related puns into a 40-second weather segment days ahead of the blockbusters premiere. A weather reporter for Channel 5 in the UK honored the release of the latest " Star Wars" movie by jamming her latest forecast with "Star Wars" puns. Sian Welby pulled off a similar weather report for "Back in the Future" in October. Everyone is getting Star Wars fever, even attractive English weather gals. Sian Welby, a weather woman on the U.K.s Channel 5, added 12 Star Wars puns while doing her 40-second weather report, and she did it all while keeping a straight face. Channel 5 weather report is full of Star Wars puns ahead of Star Wars The Force Awakens opening in theaters.The 10 Most Fascinating Star Wars: The Force Awakens Fan Theories. 5 New Facts About Star Wars: The Force Awakens Bad Guy Kylo Ren. If the constant changes in weather isnt enough to keep people tuning in for the next forecast, a meteorologist for Channel 5 weather in the United Kingdom decided to use the Force to influence her viewers. Sian Welby, who does the weather for Channel 5, did the below forecast on Dec. Sian Welby kept a straight face throughout as she managed to cram masses of intergalactic wordplay into her report. Sian Welby, of the UKs Channel 5, delivered a slimetastic weather report on Monday that was filled with a slew of references to the popular film. As Entertainment Weekly pointed out, Welby has done similar weather forecasts before for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" and "Batman v Superman Amusing: Channel 5s weather girl Sian Welby admirably managed to keep a straight face as she dropped Star Wars movie references into forecast. One was the Force is strong for northern Scotland. Her report, which featured the actual forecast despite the Star Wars twist Flights are cancelled and treacherous driving conditions reported as the wintry weather sweeps across much of the country.US media giant enters bidding war for Sky. Boy trapped in lift after wee prank backfires. The One: Ed Sheeran is named worlds top seller. During her Wednesday night broadcast, Channel 5 weather reporter Sian Welby pulled off something beautiful.While reporting the weather around the U.K she snuck in a number of subtle and perfect Star Wars puns. Theres no escape from Star Wars mania, even when youre just checking up on the weather A UK TV presenter has given a Force-friendly weather report riddled with Star Wars references. Channel 5s Sian Welby made the report on Wednesday in honour of todays UK release of Star Wars: The Channel 5 presenter Sian Welby filled a routine weather forecast with " Star Wars" puns on Tuesday.British weather presenter squeezes 12 Star Wars puns into 40-second broadcast. In a 39-second clip, Channel 5 weather presenter Sian Welby manages to fit 12 pun-tastic Star Wars references into a national weather report.Back in October, she did a Back to the Future themed weather forecast. Count the Star Wars puns in Sian Welbys weather report.UK weather forecast with Kirsty McCabe 19 March 2015 - Продолжительность: 1:25 The Weather Channel UK19 689 просмотров. Could this weather forecaster be Yoda in disguise? Sian Welby of Channel 5 News in the U.K. delivered an out-of-this-world broadcast earlier this week, chock-full of " Star Wars"Watch as Welby effortlessly weaves "Luke," "Wookiee," "A New Hope," and so many other references into her report. Star Wars-Themed Technology. May the 4th be with you—a tribute to Star Wars and Star Wars-themed technologies coming to life. But were pretty sure 5 News, part of Londons Channel 5 network, has a major headstart on the rest of them thanks to this hilarious weather report in which presenter Sian Welby casually drops a string of Star Wars puns.

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