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how to get facebook page insights using graph api.See the Insights Metric facebook-insights - Python wrapper and command-line utility to interact with Insights data in the Facebook Graph API. JavaScript SDK Insights API Facebook Chat API Internationalization API.So, really, this is just a graphical way of representing a Page object from the Graph API. Understanding connections. getInsights. Extract Insights metric from a Facebook page (admin role required). Description.An OAuth token created with fbOAuth. Only tokens created for version 1.0 of the Facebook Graph API will return results. Im trying to get some insights on a list of Posts by a Page on Facebook.I would like to post a photo to the Timeline of a Facebook Page via Graph API. My setup is node-based and written in coffeescript. Tags: facebook facebook-graph-api facebook-insights.I have a situation where I need to write a tool that will allow users to retrieve events for a large number of Facebook pages (about 500 currently, but this number may fluctuate). The Facebook Insights reports can be integrated to external websites by any programming languages such as PHP, Java, JavaScript, apex, .net, etc. through Graph API. I have integrated the Insights report to SalesForce Visualforce Pages by Apex with jQuery. I am already getting insights data for facebook application by using appid and secret key to get and how find access token of facebook page.Insert pageid instead of appid, in this way you will be able to get facebook page insights. Paging through Graph API results. Permissions.

A Facebook group. Insights. Statistics about applications, pages, or domain. Link. I would like to use graph API to get page and app insights without Facebook JS SDK. I tried the following Facebook Insights: Is it possible to get demographics for People Talking About This, excluding Page likes? Facebook API: What is the way to get people who liked any page without authentication? How do I get a list of page check-ins using Facebook graph API? In a typical Facebook app we often find ourselves grabbing a trivial amount of data from the Facebook Graph API. Usually the data will include a users ID, name and email for Facebook login. I would like to use graph API to get page and app insights without Facebook JS SDK. I tried the following I havent found a way to access readinsights on the graph api with our app and admin user (see this question: Facebook (100) Tried accessing nonexisting field (readinsights) on node type ( Page) Im trying to get insights from facebook for some pages I have admin rights to. Im able to get the correct data with the graph API but when I try with FQL I get an empty JSON object. Any idea what the problem may be? This object represents a single Insights metric that is tied to another particular Graph API object (Page, Post, etc.

).There is no method via the Facebook API to gather insights for all photos posted to individual user timelines via an app. Im trying to get insights for all the posts from one of my facebook pages. I tried out the expression below in graph explorer but i got an error. Facebook describe the Graph API as the primary way for apps to read and write to the Facebook social graph, which demonstrates the importance of the API to Facebook themselves: It essentially allows an application (with the correct authority) Graph API Explorer is the testing platform to check your FQL Queries for proper/perfect Data. The main story : To make you understand better i will use an example of pulling Facebook Page Insights (Stats) from Graph API Via C and FQL. Facebook Graph API: Insights Data For Better Engagment. Facebook Pages for Business. facebook facebook-graph-api facebook-apps facebook-access-token.php - How can I show the number of facebook likes for a page? - Stack php facebook-graph-api phtml. Insert pageid instead of appid, in this way you will be able to get facebook page insights.findOneAndUpdate or Facebook Graph API (to avoid having to update). but Im not sure how I can do this or if I started the right way facebook-insights is a command-line utility that makes it easier to interact with Insights metrics in the Facebook Graph API.Querying. Query page and post insights with simple command-line parameters or through a pythonic interface. Reporting. This video helps you learn how to get data from Facebook using graph api v2.5 Step 1: Create Facebook app using below link I am admin for page for which I am trying to get posts insights.Developing for Facebook Graph Api, why I cannot get data from facebook marketing API? asked Mar 7, 2016 by Thatskeet (420 points). Now, lets create the newpost.php file where well actually use the Facebook Graph API to publish to the pages feed.Stuff like real-time updates, which lets you subscribe to events that happen to your applications users (e.g. when a user changes his/her profile photo) or the Insights Graph object The Graph API is the primary way to get data in and out of Facebooks social graph. Its a low-level HTTP-based API that you can use to query data, postInsights and metrics for an object. Pages Platform Component Flow Service Config. Look for graph insights or insights fql table. documentation is on facebook developer pages.Using the GraffitiWall application example in the Facebook Graph API, that page displays a fan total numbering somewhere near 1.2 million. I am using Graph Api Insights for pages but sometimes pageconsumptions are returning empty data 05/09 12:33 How to avoid an API Hook from beeing unhooked? 05/09 12:25 Modifiable pagination on Shopify Collection. In this tutorial, were going to use Facebooks Graph API Explorer to retrieve Insights from Facebook pages you manage. In the world of APIs, an "API Explorer" is an interface that helps you craft a request URL. Facebook introduced version 2.9 of its Graph API (application-programming interface) at its F8 developers conference in San Jose, Calif Tuesday.Support for Read-After-Write API calls. Updates to the Page Insights endpoint. Instagram Graph API the new interface of interaction with Instagram developed on basis of Facebook Graph API and inheriting all its structural solutions.Insights To access and analyze important metrics of your own Instagram for optimization of content strategy. Understanding the basic syntax of Facebooks Graph API is all you need to get started in Facebook development.This can be a user, a Page, an event, a post — any single item on Facebook with an ID should work in this field. Graph API.Insights Edge for a Facebook Page. Global brand default Page returns its own insights data, while root Pages return integrated insights of the whole hierarchy of Pages. Post and image to Facebook (on the user page) and then check the stats ( insights) of that post. Till now I have managed to: 1) Create an app.Now I have tried the Graph API Explorer as suggested, and using the ID of a POST I can get some details about the POST, but the insights arent showing I tried with graph API explorer, but it only returns the root page id. Also, Ive been searching for it in different docs but I only have found this link with information about the Global Pages structure.facebook , graph , api , access , insights , data , global , pages , root , page How to use facebook graph api for getting my page insight metric on version v2.8. After login with facebook, how can I redirect the page on localhost:3000 not localhost:8000. Can anyone help me? Facebook Insights is a product available to all Pages and Apps on Facebook using the Insights dashboard. This object represents a single Insights metric that is tied to another particular Graph API object (Page, Post, etc.). You know what Facebook Graph API is and how to use it. If not read this .You have a Facebook Page setup because Insights are only available for Pages and Pages Posts (posts of the page). Get facebook insight of facebook page using graph api. Obtaining an Accesstoken to read Page Insights. Is facebook insights using graph API working right now? Facebook Graph API and Insights not working. This is a very short article and it explains Facebooks Graph Application Programming Interface (API) and how to read data from the Social Graph using HTTPs GET method.Let us now take any Facebook page/User/Group to understand the Graph API. Facebook Page Insights can help companies understand their customers needs and behaviors, which in turn can lead to more precise, successful marketing.There are two common ways to access insights data from Facebook Pages, the Facebook Graph API and file exports. Facebook Graph API - Object Insights for any Photo returns 0 for all Metrics.For photo feed, Insights API returns 0 or empty even though Insights page shows a high reach and engagement rate. The Facebook API doesnt really have a concept of "Timeframe" liks most datasources.- Facebook Graph API.- Page Insights. Facebook Graph API for Marketing Insights Fun. July 23, 2017. 2 minute read.Popping up from time to time on our Facebook feed is brand page posts. Some entreating us to go on a holiday. request page object from non Facebook app? userproperties using GraphAPI How to get fill rate from facebook insights api? facebook graph returning 0 shares all the time Facebook api doesnt return information if the range of time is set before 1 january 2017 Facebook graph api - /me/music returns If you re a developer who uses Facebook s Graph API, then hopefully you already know that Facebook is deprecating more than metrics. Facebook has stated on its FQL insights page that the deprecated metrics will be removed from the API on . Im having troubles on getting data from facebooks graph api explorer using an Access Tokenand Web Get Request) and they are different, but I still have the grant for read insights and ads on both.Is this "pagesshowlist" permissions the reason Im not getting anything on my C web requests? Get facebook insight of facebook page using graph api. 3. Obtaining an Accesstoken to read Page Insights. 5.

Is facebook insights using graph API working right now? 1. RecommendFacebook Graph API insights. ocumentation seems to be very ambiguous in many cases. Can somebody please help me out with a plain english explanation on how I can achive the following Post and image to Facebook (on the user page) and then check the stats (insights) of. Facebook Graph API Event Paging does not work?I am querying the number of fans of a page using two different methods, graph and insights but they are returning two different numbers.

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