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provisions of Section 11A of the Central Excise Act, 1944 or Section 73 of the Finance Act, 1994 shall be applicable for effecting such recoveries. Amendments w.e.f. 1.4. 2015. 12. Earlier, as per sub-rule (7) of Rule 4, in case of service tax paid by the service receiver under full reverse charge 22. Enactment of key tax measures of the Finance Act 2015.Negative List. 2015 Securities Regulation Code Rules released by the Securities. Exchange Commission. due date of payment of service tax and from whom ST shall be recovered SP or SR). Note 1 : w.e.f 15-11- 2015 Swach Bharat Cess 0.5 on value of taxable services. for Nov / Dec 2016 exam.other entry of negative list. The.

3. Govt. company registered under Companies Act. The negative list is mentioned in Finance Act 2012. Relevant extracts of the same are given below (see also the highlighted portion)./2012-Service Tax dated June 05, 2012. Extracts from Clause 143- Section 66D. (34) Negative list of services.per the Finance Act, 2015, income-tax is required to be deducted under Section 192 of the Act from income chargeable under the head Salaries for the financial year 2015-16Filed Under: INCOME TAX Tagged With: Income Tax, Income Tax 2015-16, Rates of Income Tax.Csd price list. Introduction Service Tax is an indirect tax levied on services. It was imposed by Chapter V of Finance Act, 1994, which was introduced.

Negative List of Services There are 17 categories of services which are not chargeable to service tax 1. Services provided by Government/. Finance bill, 2015. Provisions relating to direct taxes.3. Broadening of tax base: (A) Review of the Negative List [Amendment in the Finance Act, 1994]. Earlier the levy of service tax was based on positive list specified 119 taxable services. As per clause (34) of section 65B of the Finance Act, 1994, the term " Negative List" means the services which are listed in section 66D. Service Tax Custom Duty Central Excise Duty Upcoming Dbriefs - Register Contacts. Honble President has given assent to Finance Bill, 2015 on 14 May 2015.negative list and exemption notification. (q) "public international organization" means an organization listed in the First Schedule to this Acthe or she shall pay interest at a rate of 2 per month compounded on the tax to be refunded.(c) the supply of financial services nserted by Finance Act 2001. All news articles files experts opinions about negative list of service tax 2016 at one place at your finger tips.The Finance Act 2016 has brought in a new chapter after Chapter XII EA of the Income tax Actindirect tax case laws. List and describe a few important accounting standards for tax audit. SERVICE TAX ACT Chapter V of the Finance Act, 1994.(34) negative list means the services which are listed in section 66D Section 66D of Finance Act, 1994 specifies the Negative list of services i.e the Services on which Service Tax is not leviable.List of negative services under service tax. What is Negative List. Last updated at Nov. 17, 2015 by Teachoo.Negative list means the list of services which are exempt from service tax. As per Section 66B of Finance Act, 1994, service tax shall be levied on all services, except the services specified in the negative list. Service Tax Negative List as Amended by Finance Act 2017.However Service Tax Negative List specified services which is out of the ambit of service tax applicability i.e. service tax exemption without any condition. Vide Finance Act, 2012, the concept of Negative list of Services been introduced according to which all servicesNotification No. 12/2015 Service Tax, Service Tax Exemption to Bima, Jan Dhan Yojna and.complex (c) low- cost houses up to a carpet area of 60 square metres per house in a. Indirect tax law. Yearly tax digest(set of 2 volumes)income-tax act (pocket).Arpit Gupta taxation video classes. Click here and Download Service Tax Calculator As Per FinancialGet this excellent e-book in your email right now. Simply refer your friends doing finance studies to The provided or agreed to be provided services should not be listed in the Negative List of Services as per the section 66D of the Service Tax Act. No service tax is levied on services listed in the Negative List. Condition 4: Place of Provision. Definition of service. Negative List of Services.Consultant in indirect taxes. He has over 30 years of corporate experience at senior levels in finance and legal fields, in leading listed companies. Service tax is applicable on all the service. No exemption. Negative List of Service Tax.As per clause (34) of section 65B of the Finance Act, 1994, the term Negative List means the services which are listed in section 66D. As per Budget Speech, rates of sales tax in respect of following services will be reduced with effect from 1 July 2015, for which the Sindh Revenue BoardC. New services made taxable. Last year, the Government of Sindh had announced to bring a negative list of service through Finance Act, 2015 Thus, charging section of Service tax i.e. section 66B of Finance Act, 1994 ( Act) stands amended. Entry providing for exemption to admission to entertainment events or access to amusement facilities by way of sec 66D (j) of the Act has been removed from the negative list. Subject Changes in the Service Tax Provisions as per Finance Bill, 2015 .Presently, services provided by Government or a local authority, excluding certain services specified under clause (a) of section 66D, are covered by the Negative List. The Finance Act, 2003 extended this levy to: (a) Polyster filament yarn, motor car, two wheeler and multi-utility vehicle 1 and. (b) Crude petroleum oil 50 per metric tonneThe services specified in the Negative List shall remain outside the tax net. consisting of money. If consideration is not ascertainable. Amount to be determined as per Service tax.Accordingly, amendments are proposed to be carried out in the relevant definition13 and negative list of services. 10Section 66D (j) of the Finance Act, 1994 11Notification No. 6/ 2015-ST records of Service Tax Audit, Investigation and Enquiry under Service Tax Significant changes in Service Tax by Finance Act, 2015: Issues ImplicationsBudget 2012 has ushered a new system of taxation of services popularly known as Negative List.(Updated as per Amendments Notification. Changes in the Negative List Sec. 66D of the Act vide Budget 2015 with effect from 01.04. 2015. Levy of service tax on any service received by a business entity from Government or local authority. 3. Amendment in Negative List under Section 66D of the Finance Act i. Service in relation to admission to entertainment event or access w.e.f. 01-06- 2015 to amusement facility will be liable to Service Tax 14. ii.500 per person. As per the present service tax law, all services are taxable to service tax 14 unless they are covered by any of the entries in the negative list or are part of the mega exemption notification. Clause 44 of section 65B of service tax act has stated that services include declared service. Negative List of services is give below . There after list of exempted services are also provided.bill 2011,2,amendment in gratuity act 2010,5,amendment in registration service tax,4,AMENDMENT IN SERVICE TAX ON RENT,6,amendment to finance Bill 2010,1,AMNESTY SCHEME 2007,2,amt,2 UK Tax In the Finance Act 2015, the UK introducedThe amount of eligible assets required, which is expressed as a per-centage of third-party liabilities, would increaseWith effect from January 1, 2015, changes have been made primarily to the UK Banking Act, the Financial Services and Markets Act Service Tax Negative list, Mega exemption notification no. 25/2012 up to date till 20/032017.Also read Circular clarifying the meaning of Precincts as per Serial No. 5(a) of Notification 25/2012.Service Tax on foreign tourists operator services held ultra vires the Finance Act. The Finance Act, 2012 w.e.f. 1.7.2012 made a paradigm shift in the law governing service tax.3.2.7 Certain services specified in section 66D are termed as negative list of services and service tax is not applicable on such services. Finance act includes a section named 66D which invokes the negative list as per budget list of service tax 2012.Tax Deduction at Source when Purchasing and Buying Immovable Property. November 11, 2015 Manager 0. The Provisions relating to Clubbing of Income. into effect as and when the amendments in the Negative List and revised rate of Service Tax come into effect and (vi) Chapter VI of the Finance Bill, 2015, regarding levy of Swachh Bharat Cess on all or any of taxable services that will come into effect from a date to be notified. 2. rates of income-tax as per finance act, 2015List of Holidays 2015 for Central Government Offices. Section 66D of Finance Act, 1994 specifies the Negative list of services i.e the Services on which Service Tax is not leviable.List of negative services under service tax. S. no. Service tax was a tax levied by Central Government of India on services provided or agreed to be provided excluding services covered under negative list and considering the Place of Provision of Services Rules, 2012 and collected as per Point of Taxation Rules As per section 66B of finance act 1994 service tax is levied on the value of all services, other than those services specified in the negative list, provided orPresently from 1 June 2015, service tax rate has been increased to consolidated rate 14 of value of services provided or to be provided. Swachh Bharat Cess is not applicable on Services mentioned in Negative List and Mega Exemption List as per Notification No. 22/2015 that SBC would not be applicable on services exempted from levy of service tax. To avoid any negative tax consequences, this reporting obligation should be carefully monitored. As per September 1st 2015 the supply of electricity will again be subject to the standard VAT rate of 21.The Personal Income Tax (PIT) Act lists the types of an individuals income that attract PIT. 1. Entry No 97 enabled the birth of service tax but not with own Act but a surrogate Act called Finance Act 1994.Chapter VI (Section 119) of the Finance Act 2015.2. Delhi to London 3. Mumbai to Delhi. Air Cargo (Destination) Not taxable as per negative list. Exempted items under Service Tax Act and Negative List. Negative List - The changes proposed in Finance Bill 2015 in the Negative List in Section 66 D are as followsList of declared services as per Service Tax Law. Negative List of Services under service tax as amended up to interim budget 2014.MVAT Rate Schedule under Maharashtra Value Added Tax updated up to budget 2015-2016. The clauses of Memorandum of Association under company Act 2013 and Format of MOA.FINANCE ACT, 2015: As per the Finance Act, 2015, income-tax is required to be deducted under Section 192 of the Act from incomeIncome Tax Rates for 2015-16 Benefits to Middle Class Tax Payers in the Budget 2015-16.Indian Railway introduced VRS scheme after 10 years of service. Finance Act, 2012 have introduced the concept of Negative List of Service Tax.Service Tax Amendments as per Budget 2016 | Latest Amendments. The amended charging section, S. 66B of the Finance Act, 1994 (for brevity, the Act) reads as, There shall be levied a tax at the rate of 14 on the value of all services, other than those services specified in the negative list. Services that come under the negative list are exempt from service tax. The concept of a negative list was first introduced in the Finance Act 2012, which came into effect from 1 July 2012. From 15 November 2015, the effective rate of service tax plus Swachh Bharat Cess, post introduction of Swachh Bharat Cess, was 14.

5.As per clause (34) of section 65B of the Finance Act, 1994, the term " Negative List" means the services which are listed in section 66D. As per Section 66D of the Financial Act, 1994, Negative list of Service Tax for 2013-14 is given here which is revised as per latest budget. There are currently 17 heads of Services which are given in the negative list.

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